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affiliation ça rapporte !

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3 réponses à ce sujet

#1 Admin JérémieAdmin Jérémie

Admin Jérémie

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Posté 19 avril 2015 - 10:18

C'est en englais un mr explique sa méthode pour gagner "un peu moins" de 10 000 dollars par mois.

irst of all let me thank to all people who supported. The Richie that I am today wouldn't have been for the supporters here is BHW.

ON 17th September 2013 I started a Journey. At that I was broke, had no job and had just sold my house (after my dad passed away). My idea was to rank affiliate sites and make money. I had ranked some sites previously but never dabbled much in the affiliate space. The Journey continue and some great people were there to help and support. Here is the link

As you can see after some time I stopped updating. There were two reasons, I was feeling left out and second was that I was completely left confused as to what to do next.

But if you scroll further into the journey you will see that I reported making $6000 per month. And upto date I am making money out of it and in the last month I made $9,447.

So, how was this all possible? Through the support of BHW members, those who pushed me through the journey. And in fact, I will give them entire credit to what I make today and what I am. See, support is more important than anything.

Leaving that story apart I want to share everything I did. Yes, literally everything.

It starts with a keyword:
Leave away money keywords. Everyone is running behind them and it is making the entire affiliate world competitive obviously because everyone says it and everyone does it. The only keyword that most gurus teach is money keywords like buy something, treat something, best something and all those stuffs. Google has evolved and can easily track these affiliate sites. So, if you follow these advice of money keyword then you are in a tough affiliate competition.

You need to find keyword that are very specific and in a way are money magnets but it isn't noticed easily. It is very hard to find such keywords. I can give you a real life example but that would mean I will be missing on $10,000 from 1000 searches per month. Yes, the money that I am making today is from only 1000 searches per month and no one will say that it is a money keyword when I tell them.

So how doe this Money Magnets that you talk about look like?
I am into the health niche and therefore take an example from the same. Let us say you are promoting some weight loss stuff. And the product is named as Yacon Syrup. Now, its time to wear the shoes of your yacon syrup buyers.

Now, you want yacon syrup so you will do a search on google for probably, yacon syrup, buy yacon syrup, cheap yacon syrup online. Now, you will be bombarded with several products in the first page of Google. Within five minutes you have seen some five different brands that sell Yacon syrup. Not all are priced the same. Therefore, the next step would be to see a review of each product. Next, you come across various review sites because affiliates are busing churning review sites. After reading some reviews you get to know that not all products are the same. Some are artificial, some contain chemicals and stuffs. Then you understand that you need yacon syrup that is organic, completely natural.

If I remember correctly, there is some 450 monthly searches for organic yacon syrup. Don't be fooled by the low volume.

Why would such keywords convert?
Let's do some reverse engineering. First, why did they come searching for organic yacon syrup? They were unconvinced from reviews of various brands and found out artificial yacon syrups were present in market. Hence, they needed to look out for organic yacon syrup. Why did they search for a brand review. Because they are were unconvinced that they best site shown to them wasn't really the best. They wanted to see for themselves. And why did they search for Yacon Syrup because they wanted to lose weight.

As you can see users came a long way from searching various sites and ended up searching for organic yacon syrup. We can take a step further into this keyword funnel. For instance, once the reader lands on a site that talks about organic yacon syrup they can find it expensive and hence might search for 'cheap organic yacon syrup'. I am making this up. I don't know whether there is really such a keyword. And if there is, you should grab it even if it is 50 searches per month. Other examples, are 'fresh organic yacon syrup'. 'organic syrup in (name of the town)' etc.

Creating the Landing Page:
Use the chosen Keyword to create Landing page. Go to some writing service and order 2000 words on yacon syrup, considering the above example. It really doesn't matter what is written as long as it is about yacon syrup. Once, you get the article add H2 tags as sub headings and in three of the H2 tags include the keyword. One in the start, middle and end.

Here is the most important part. Add this template on start of the article.

(a short intro) yacon weight loss...lose three pounds and more in a week....popular weight loss product today.... (not more than 100 words. keep it short and simple)

(Bullet points) Here give them some tips on how to purchase yacon syrup or what things to look for. For example tell them that they should purchase only organic because artificial contains .... And if they are looking for organic the below points should be noted.....

(The Bait)We have listed top 3 Organic Yacon syrup products in market which are rated and reviewed according to several factors. Click Here to See the comparison Chart. <<< your link to comparison page.

How to Compare Products for Conversion:
This is the real trick that I use. Take three products to compare. The first should be the product you wish to promote. Use Several Factors like FDA approval, money guarantee, product effectiveness, order rate, customer support and all kinds of things you can think of.

important: The third product should be slightly irrelevant. In our case the third product could be a Yacon Syrup Pill. The second product must be expensive than the first.

List all the factors and give your first product the best and reasonable rate. The second product should be slightly less in ratings when compared to first. And the third must be ridiculously low in everything. What we are doing here is making the user to focus more on first by eliminating second and third using high price and irrelevancy respectively.

Once, you have created the chart add a few description of all the merchants with your affiliate link. Your affiliate link should not say 'order' or 'buy'. It should say something like 'click here to visit official link'. That is it. Now people will select the first product only.

Ranking the Landing Page:
We have some 2000+ word content on our landing page. If the niche is competitive go for 3000 word. Include H1 in title and do your usual on page seo.

Off Page SEO:
Web 2 Links: Get some cheap articles written that pass copyspace and on each Web2 property include at least 4 articles. Do the same for 20 Web 2 properties. Use article spinner if you want. As long as the content is not duplicate it doesn't matter how bad it is. What matters is the anchor text you will use to link your landing page.

We had our keyword as 'Organic Yacon Syrup'. For the Web 2 we need some keywords that focus on the father keyword 'Yacon Syrup'

Here are some examples:
click here to know more about yacon syrup
what is yacon syrup
the yacon plant
where to buy yacon syrup
visit this blog on yacon syrup
syrup's of yacon helps in weight loss
yacon syrup for weight loss

You need to have 20 keywords like above. One keyword for each Web2.

Once, you are done with the WEb2. Get some high Pr blog comments. These blog comments should be in the range of 15 to 20 not more. Use only a single anchor text. This anchor text should be synonym to the keyword you are using. IN our case the synonym for 'organic yacon syrup' can be 'pure yacon syrup'. Use this anchor text for all 20 blog comments you use.

Guest Blogs or sponsored posts:

Do at least 5 guest blogs or sponsored posts. You can use any keywords you want or naked url. It really doesn't matter. The only thing you should take into account is that the blog you are guest posting on does not has a privacy protector on. (I will come to this later)

Creating and Building Your PBN:
If you have done everything as I had said you must have your keyword ranking anywhere in the 3rd or 5th page. And all the above should take at least 60 days to execute not less.

Now, it is time to execute the real strategy.

Get some expired domains on Forget page rank, backlinks and all stuffs. Just ensure that the domain is related to your niche and has the father keyword in the domain i.e Yacon in our case. Any domain that has Yacon in it is good. Don't go bidding for $100 for a single domain. You can find them for $12. Copy the naked url and search on Google. If the site turns up then its okay to use. That is it. Bid on it and include privacy protection. Purchase some 8 to 15 domains.

If you are using shared hosting, you can host three such expired domains. The rest should go to different hosts. Use cheap hostings. I have shared hostings with, Bluehost, bigrock, Hostgator, Ipage, nameCheap, Dreamhosts, Ewebguru and many other cheap hosting for a single domains. You can go much cheaper.

On each domain post 10 articles of 500 words with 2 to 3 days as intervals. Not all domains should be updated simultaneously. Use your head and update each blog at different intervals. Yes, I use WordPress on all of them and free themes. Leave the author credit link is the footer so that you are not focusing completely on the money site. The juice through footer is not much therefore, it shouldn't be a problem.

Once, your blog has been updated with all ten articles. Write or order a separate article that exclusively talks about your keyword, in our case it is organic yacon syrup. If it is 1000 word then it is good though not necessary. Use your anchor texts with some variations to link to your landing page. Do this for all the other expire domains and don't forge to change the position of anchor texts in the article. Some should, have at the beginning, middle, last, beginning of line, middle of line and end of line.

Vary with anchor texts as per your rankings.

Now, your backlinks will look natural. Your expired domains are privacy protected from different Ips except three (it doesn't matter), you have five guest posts from blogs without privacy protection. You have blog comments and WEb 2. All of these are more than enough to make your link profile give a clean look. Ad of course for higher competition keywords you should increase the numbers.

What Happens then?

When Your Landing Page has reached first three position, you will receive organic traffic and as soon as they land on your page, users will be tempted to view the comparison chart as it is much easier to view a chart instead of reading words. Soon your readers will be convinced that the first product is the best when as the second is expensive and third is irrelevant. They click onto the sales page and rest is taken care.

Now, some of you might be thinking that I am writing out of my imagination. I completely understand and moreover, I do not have high number of posts here (as I hardly post over here) to prove my authority. (my blog link removed for privacy reasons)

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask. But please remember I do not know everything. I am still Learning

#2 Admin JérémieAdmin Jérémie

Admin Jérémie

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Posté 19 avril 2015 - 10:19

Bref prennez votre dictionnaire !

#3 Admin JérémieAdmin Jérémie

Admin Jérémie

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Posté 19 avril 2015 - 10:36

Il dit q'uil gagne entre 6 000 et 10000dollars par mois :blink: .

#4 Watchingu



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Posté 28 février 2018 - 09:20



Je cherche des programmes d'affiliation pour créer un site de niche sur la thématique des montres (comme le projet n'est pas encore créé je ne souhaite pas en dire trop ici ;) ). 


J'ai créé un topic sur le sujet :


Quelqu'un aurait-il des bonnes adresses à me communiquer svp ?

En pleine étude de marché pour créer un site web de montres homme de marques adressées à un large public, je suis à la recherche de prospects, de contacts et de blogueurs dans la perspective de créer des partenariats web une fois mon site créé.

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